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How We Do It


how we do it

We get to know you. What matters to you in your home. How you want to use the space in your home. How you want to feel when you enter your home at the end of a long day. And then, and only then, together we’ll define the function and style to make it all possible.

We will provide a transparent upfront estimate and we’ll manage the process from consultation to install to make sure you feel confident and comfortable throughout.


our process

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1. consultation

We want to get to know who you are and how you want to spend time in your home. We’ll brainstorm ideas together and get a feel for your style. We’ll also discuss budget and the priority spaces in your home.

Design Plan Fee – starting at $100; will be credited towards total project cost

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2. project plan review

The project plan will include straight-forward timelines and a budget breakdown by room, outlining larger ticket items that are included.

Any fixtures, large furniture or paint selections will be presented but we like to leave the special, smaller details a surprise so that you can experience that perfect ‘wow moment’ reveal.

3. order & manage

We handle all the shopping, ordering and tracking of the furnishings and will store them for you until it’s time to install. We also manage any upfront contract work that needs to take place.


4. install & reveal

All of the goodies we’ve hand-selected for your home will be delivered and installed, leaving your home picture perfect and ready to show off.